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Simone Böck, Head of Human Resources Operations at Patrizia Immobilien AG Simone Böck, Head of Human Resources Operations at Patrizia Immobilien AG

Successful applications at EXPO REAL – tips from the HR pro

Do you want to use EXPO REAL to pave the way for getting your foot on the career ladder or for changing job? Then make sure to attend the CareerDay on October 7, 2015. Careful preparation is the be all and end all. Simone Böck, Head of Human Resources Operations at Patrizia Immobilien AG lifts the veil on the essentials.

Before attending the trade fair

Do you want your visit to the trade fair to be a success? Then you should prepare with that goal in mind. It is important to make sure you are adequately informed in advance about the exhibiting companies. This includes as a first step acquiring a high-level view of company facts and figures and possibly taking a quick look at the company’s history. You should then select which of the companies you wish to visit before getting to grips with them in greater detail. Then find out about the company contacts on the stand and research the vacancies being offered by the company in question.

It makes sense to prepare specific questions about the company and job profiles you are interested in even before your visit to the fair.

Should you wish to make a specific application, prepare the necessary documentation, comprising letter of application, résumé and copies of references. You should also make your own opinions, wishes and expectations clear.

Only if you know what you want can you present yourself in a positive way. First personal impressions count!

You should therefore dress accordingly and ensure your appearance is neat, well-groomed and unostentatious by following the standard industry dress code. You should not however disguise who you are – wear something that fits and suits you well and in which you feel at ease.

During the interview

In an interview, be polite, friendly and open at all times towards the interlocutor from your chosen company. When in a direct conversation you should pay attention to your posture and facial expressions as well as eye contact. Talk in “the first person” and explain about yourself. Here too it is important to be sincere and not to dissemble. Talk about what motivates you and your interest by asking sensible questions about the company or a specific job profile. Ensure that you do not interrupt your interlocutor but let him have his say.

It should be apparent to your interlocutor that you have done your homework on the company – tell him what you know without explaining his company to him in the process.

Do not forget to ask your interlocutor for a business card so that once EXPO REAL is over you know who your contact was. This will be advantageous in any further contact with the company. As not all companies still work with hard copy applications you should also have prepared your documentation in electronic format and submit this, if appropriate, immediately after your visit to the trade fair. In this connection, ask your interlocutor on the trade fair stand about the desired application submission procedure. It also makes sense to accompany your application with a photo so that your documents can be associated with the interview following your visit to the trade fair. In the interview is over thank your interlocutor for his or her time and the interview and reiterate your interest, as the case may be.


After attending the trade fair

Review your interviews after your visit to the trade fair. Reflect on what went well and what went less well and think about points you should pay attention to in future. Ask yourself whether you were well prepared and whether there was possibly anything during the interview you had not banked on. Reflect also on the impressions your interlocutors or the company as a whole made on you. Should you have any further questions, get in touch with the companies’ stand support staff and apply using the requested application channel referring to EXPO REAL.


Do you have any further questions on this subject? Or further tips for young industry talent? We look forward to your comments.

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