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The focus of EM-Power is renewable energy production and efficient energy usage. The focus of EM-Power is renewable energy production and efficient energy usage.

Storing Instead of Feeding In – Smart Energy Supply for Buildings

Martin Pfränger
Martin Pfränger
project manager EM-Power

According to the latest United Nations statistics, 55% of the world’s population live in cities; by 2050 this share is expected to go up to 68%. This means that cities have a key role to play in the energy transition. Renewable energy sources, efficient technology, and digitalization produce a wide range of solutions. Decentralized energy generation seems to offer particularly great opportunities.


Thus, Freiburg im Breisgau alone, with its Smart Green Tower and the new city hall, has two showpieces, in which buildings with a shell made of photovoltaic modules generate a considerable portion of their own power supply. In the Smart Green Tower highly efficient battery storage will contribute to higher consumption of the energy it generates, while compensating for peak loads in the grid at the same time. The new Freiburg city hall was designed as a plus energy building, in which groundwater is one of the heat sources. Excess PV electricity which is not needed for lighting or IT goes into cooling and heating the building. Again, the aim is to consume as much electricity as possible in the building rather than feeding it into the grid.

Storing excess electricity as gas

Decentralized power-to-gas or power-to-liquid systems are another option for storing renewable energy. Excess electricity is used to produce and store synthetic natural gas or methanol. The electricity generated by combined heat and power plants can also be used more efficiently with new operational strategies. Energy management systems always contribute to balancing energy supply and demand in a building and to smart control of the various system components.


EM Power trade fair as an information hub

The EM-Power trade fair, which will be held in Munich from June 20 to 22 under the motto “The smarter E”, will offer comprehensive information on all aspects of smart and efficient energy in buildings and districts. The focus will be on topics like district concepts, energy management, energy services, and cogeneration. The half-day Compact Energy Forums addressing professional energy customers, planners, decision-makers, and facilities managers from local authorities, industry, real estate and commerce are the ideal platform for experts to share their experience. Best practice projects of practical relevance as well as technologies for the efficient operation of districts and residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, public buildings, etc. will be presented and discussed.


Smart solutions for the city of the future will also be a topic at EXPO REAL, mainly in the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM. Visit our blog and the EXPO REAL website for more exclusive insights.

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