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REIN Forum Takes Digital Transformation to EXPO REAL

Wolfgang Moderegger
Wolfgang Moderegger
Founder of the Real Estate Innovation Network

A Unique Program with Top Speakers in Europe

When the REIN Forum opens its gates at EXPO REAL for three days on October 4, a number of superlatives will be waiting for visitors: The 25 best startups of the property industry in Europe will present themselves and face the final contest; the most important speakers in the world when it comes to innovation and digitization in the property industry will demonstrate the dynamics of innovation and the significance of disruptive business models; on the first day alone “more than Euro 600 million in innovation capital will be on one stage”. With WeWork one of the most valuable startups in the world – worth more than 20 billion U.S. dollars – will present itself and get involved in the discussions.


While many companies still discuss innovations in the property industry and the significance of digital transformation, others have already started their implementation. And while many look at incremental innovations – e.g. increasing performance or reducing costs – others are in the process of fundamentally changing the business processes. If you do not find the right position for yourself now, you may be among the losers tomorrow. But what exactly does this mean for the established companies? Where are the great digitization potentials? How can those who are already right in the middle of the transformation teach others a lesson? Where is the potential for new cooperation and partnerships? The Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) will give the answers from October 4 to 6 in Hall A1, and everybody can attend.

Day 1: More than 600 million euros of capital for innovation gathered on the stage

Wednesday is all about investment and property transactions. With Fifthwall, Metaprop and Concrete the three biggest accelerator and venture capital companies of the property industry will be on one stage. They will highlight where they see the greatest possible business opportunities for startups in the property industry. One of the focuses will be the scalable and disruptive business models in our established industry.

Day 2: A startup worth 20 billion U.S. dollars will contribute to the REIN forum

The new technologies and methods of property industry 4.0 will be a focus on Thursday: E.g. which benefits does building information modeling really give us? For example, it is going to get exciting when the ‘digital twin’ and its significance for the creative design process will be discussed in the context of the planning and execution of buildings. There will be an encounter between: A real superstar of the world of architecture, Ben van Berkel, as well as the pioneer of integral planning, Prof. Christoph Achammer, and the innovative contractor, Dr. Matthias Jakob.

And then we will ask: How will we work in the future? Will we even need an office in 2030? Will there still be the classical office tenant? How important is the workplace for an employer to create an identity and creative cooperation? With WeWork we will host one of the most successful startups of the world. The co-working provider will show what they as an office provider think the office worlds of the future will be for companies.

Day 3: “Artificial intelligence and software will eliminate whole business sectors”

If you believe that this is just a thesis and a long way off, you had better attend the REIN Forum on Friday as well. You will see for yourself that the digital transformation of the property industry has long begun. The Real Estate Innovation Network brings the future to Hall A1 at EXPO REAL.


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