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The evolution of the logistics market is being driven by the comprehensive change in distribution requirements in urban environments.
Logistics real estate: trends and challenges
9. September 2019
Although the German logistics real estate market developed less dynamically in the first half of 2019 than in the same period last year, the sector is still booming. The non-stop growth of the e-commerce sector is the main reason for this success. The demand for suitable logistics facilities is growing rapidly as a result of online trading. Developers are focusing more and more on urban real estate.
Made from glass, metal, concrete, synthetics, wood, and natural rock, just like a typical logistics building: The Logix Award.
Logix Award 2019 – presentation on October 7th!
4. September 2019
The 4th Logix Award ist open for applications! It honors logistics properties that have strong ecological, urban planning, and social credentials.
Discussion at the EXPO REAL conference program 2018.
More comprehensive than ever before – the EXPO REAL conference program 2019
2. September 2019
It’s not only the exhibition space that has expanded at EXPO REAL this year. So has the conference program’s range of events. For the first time, events will be taking place on ten stages. A first glimpse at the program provides valuable insights.
Industry insights for starting a real estate career at EXPO REAL CareerDay 2018.
What recruiters look for in applicants at EXPO REAL CareerDay 2019
26. August 2019
EXPO REAL CareerDay is the stepping stone into the real estate industry. Two recruiters on what they expect from applicants, skills that count more than the right degree – and what applicants can expect from their new job.
Untapped potential lies in the connection of various means of transport through pre-paid plans. Photo: Milan Ilic / Shutterstock
Can Real Estate Developers unlock the potential of Mobility as a Service?
19. August 2019
Mobility as a Service, or MaaS, has been in a journey to make itself relevant over the past 5 years. The concept combines trip planning, payment options and different mobility options such as metro systems, buses, shared sedans, and even bikes and scooters on one platform.
Thomas Schroeter & Steffen Szeidl: two real estate experts on NOVA3, the new hall for innovation at EXPO REAL 2019
Innovation is in our DNA: The real estate industry is a pioneer of digitalization
12. August 2019
Making real estate fit for the future: Thomas Schroeter of ImmobilienScout24 and Steffen Szeidl of Drees & Sommer on NOVA3, EXPO REAL's new hall for innovation.
Panoramic view of Berlin
Does everyone who works in Berlin have to live there, too?
5. August 2019
I often go to Berlin on business trips and have to admit: there is something about that city. Unfortunately it is not all good. I like going there – but I like leaving even more.
Young team busy with office work in a modern coworking space
Battle of the asset classes: office vs. residential
29. July 2019
Things aren’t always easy for investors – which segment to invest in when residential takes retail's rank?
Worker pulling packages through a warehouse
How logistics real estate can become sustainable and healthy
22. July 2019
Successful companies know that everyone involved will benefit from sustainable logistics. Showing responsibility for the environment and for the welfare of employees has become an essential part of the industry.
Sign with 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions, one reading EU, one reading Brexit
Johnson commits to Brexit ‘do or die’ by October 31st
15. July 2019
The race to replace the hapless Theresa May as prime minister is down to two candidates – Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. The winner will be known on the 22nd July, and it seems almost certain to be Boris Johnson.
Green funds grow in an improved climate for impact investing. Photo: Nattapol_Sritongcom via Shutterstock.
Improved climate for Impact Investing
1. July 2019
Investors’ increasing awareness of Environmental, Social and Governance issues is shifting to climate change risks – and, by extension, to pro-active impact investing.
Scrabble letters form the word Brexit on a map of Europe.
Brexit Isn’t the End of the World
17. June 2019
Brexit—not even Shakespeare could have written such a tragedy—or comedy.  On October 31, 2019, at the latest, the United Kingdom really does plan to leave the EU. The results of the European elections provided a glimmer of hope that it might remain.
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