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“Hacking” a Hotel in Just 20 Minutes

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Maria Pütz-Willems
Founder and editor-in-chief of HospitalityInside

Cybercrime, serviced- and micro-apartments, China’s influence – the topics of the Hospitality Industry Dialogue in the conference program of EXPO REAL promise lively discussions.


“It takes 20 minutes to ‘take over’ a hotel online” – this will be demonstrated at the EXPO REAL hotel conference by a cyber expert, who will show how dangerous the faith in safe networks may be for a company. This will certainly be followed by a lively discussion of cybercrime. The dependency of man and machine should also make investors think: Which challenges and solutions plus investments will they have to take into consideration in the future? Internationally networked and experienced safety and security experts and owners’ representatives rely on knowledge and the intention of investors and operators to prevent risks.

Of Young Niches and Eastern Influences

This is just one of several unusual topics of the “Hospitality Industry Dialogue” on Wednesday, October 4, which show all property specialists and hotel operators which massive consequences may result for the property value and/or a profitable hotel operation from such quiet background developments. Two panels want to illustrate the invisible links of property + distribution and property + sustainability, because both distribution and sustainability have an enormous impact on sales and profits.

Apart from that, young niches are much talked about: The boundaries between studio hotels, serviced- and micro-apartments are becoming increasingly blurred. Which concepts will survive in the long run? Advisers, institutional investors, project developers and operators will debate this topic. The growing Chinese influence on the Western hotel world will also be looked at, the weights have shifted. A long-standing and top-notch expert on China, the representative of a luxury hotel group and a bank will be on this panel.

Where is Plan B?

Despite the current euphoria: The next bubble will come. So where is plan B? Which crisis fields and risks will hit hotels the hardest, where are the scopes of action? This question, which seems to be just about impossible to answer, will actually introduce the hotel conference. This is also the first time that we have a new stage format: Huge screens show in XXL format what is going on, the visitors are sitting on three sides of the stage – everything becomes more interactive.


The Hotel Segment at EXPO REAL

Get more information on the “Hospitality Industry Dialogue” at the SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM.

The hotel asset class is an integral part of the trade fair. With the “World of Hospitality, provided by hospitalityINSIDE” and “The hotel lounge, organised by PKF hotelexperts” two continuously growing joint stands have established themselves, giving the international hotel industry a home at EXPO REAL, which will present about 50 companies this year.
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