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The shopping center Minto. © Unibail Rodamco

Germany’s top shopping destinations

When it comes to shopping centers, opinions often differ. Operators and investors worship them, local traders curse them, and consumers are drawn to them by an almost magnetic pull. But how happy are those individuals who are renting the shops and essentially keeping the center afloat? TextilWirtschaft, ecostra and Immobilien Zeitung took it upon themselves to find out and asked the tenants themselves what they thought. The Minto Center in Mönchengladbach was revealed to be thought of as the most beautiful in Germany, and the Südring Center in Paderborn the most lucrative one for tenants. The awards ceremony will be held at EXPO REAL on Tuesday 11:30 at the Immobilien Zeitung booth (B2.121).


For the Shopping Center Performance Report (SCPR), chain shops and restaurants rate on a scale from one to five how happy they are with the financial performance of their establishments in 400 malls across Germany, with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. Centers are only included in the rankings if at least five of their tenants have scored them, and only tenants with stores in at least three of the 400 centers are invited to take part to ensure that sensible comparisons are being drawn.


Malls with a wide range of food outlets made it to the top of the list

The Südring Center in Paderborn came in at the top of the list with a score of 1.29, followed by the Lago shopping center in Konstanz (1.44). Joint third place went to the Breuningerland mall in Sindelfingen and the famila Einkaufsland Wechloy center in Oldenburg (1.55). The Königshof-Galerie in Mettmann retained last year’s position at the bottom of the shopping center rankings, with a score of 4.86. Notable within this year’s edition of the SCPR was the large number of malls with a wide range of food outlets that made it to the top of the list.

In addition to this, a brand-new category was introduced to determine which center is the most beautiful in Germany. The Minto Center in Mönchengladbach was voted the winner here by a considerable margin. Tied for second place in the beauty contest are both the Mall of Berlin and the Ruhr Park in Bochum, one of the oldest malls in Germany that, over the past few years, has undergone major renovation works.

For the first time, North German trading company Citti emerged victorious in the survey as the best shopping center operator, knocking from the top spot: ECE, the largest center management firm in Germany.


  • Awards ceremony for the winners on Tuesday at 11:30 at the Immobilien Zeitung booth (B2.121).
  • EXPO REAL is offering retail its very own stage this year: the “Grand Plaza”. More info: Retail property at EXPO REAL.

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