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EXPOLAUF and EXPOBIKE – the sports angle of EXPO REAL

People around the world associate EXPO REAL with property and investment. Far fewer are aware that sports and social engagement also play an important role at EXPO REAL.

Run and do good

from left to right: Peter Willborn ; Dr. Lars Kölling ; Jutta Speidel; Mathias Düsterdick
from left to right: Peter Willborn (STRABAG Property and Facility Services GmbH) ; Dr. Lars Kölling (ROTTHEGE | WASSERMANN) ; Jutta Speidel (HORIZONT e.V.); Mathias Düsterdick (Gerch Development GmbH) © Thomas Plettenberg Photography

At the 6th EXPOLAUF, to be held on October 3, 2016, runners from across the property sector will meet to tackle the Munich Westpark course. The sponsorship proceeds will be donated to HORIZONT e.V., an organization that helps homeless children in Munich. In 2015, the runners collected the impressive sum of €6,000. The starting signal will be given by the well-known actress Jutta Speidel, who founded the organization in 1997. Participants won’t only be running to improve their fitness and to support a worthy cause. At the after-race meeting at the “Wirtshaus am Rosengarten” they will also be able to build their networks and share the latest news and insights about their industry.

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The cycling property professionals embark on their EXPOBIKE tour.
The cycling property professionals embark on their EXPOBIKE tour. © Christoph Schmitz & EXPOBIKE

Riding a bike for a worthy cause

So running isn’t really your thing? No problem – grab a bike instead. The EXPOBIKE event starts on September 27, 2016 in Paris. From there beginners and more advanced riders will make their way via Reims, Colmar, Stuttgart and Günzburg to the finish line and arrival party in Munich, which will take place on October 2, 2016. The project is backed by ImmoSport e.V., an initiative of the German real estate sector. “In keeping with the motto ‘EXPOBIKE builds bridges’, the event will promote networking in the industry while supporting the association in promoting charitable causes,” says Ingo Kronenberg, first chairman of ImmoSport e.V. Proceeds will be donated to the “Off Road Kids e.V.” foundation, which assists homeless children in Germany.

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Do sports and do good – an excellent combination! Do you know of any sports-mad EXPO REAL participants in your network who haven’t registered yet? Then simply refer them to us, as well as EXPOLAUF and EXPOBIKE! Of course, participation is open to all, not just persons who work in real estate.


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