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City of the Future: Valuable Communication at the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM

Diverse speakers and interesting projects focusing on the topic of the “City of the Future” – this is the gist of the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM. Grisha Domakowski (Head of Projects, b_TEC Foundation), Nmadili Okwumabua (Founder, CPDI Africa), Harald Ehren (Editor-in-Chief, DVZ – Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung) and Pia Laube (Marketing & Sales, Berlin TXL) will talk about how they liked the forum in which they participated.


Overall, what did you think of the events at the Intelligent Urbanization Forum? What did you particularly like?

Domakowski: The event was great and very helpful. I especially liked the idea of presenting two cities at the same time and of comparing two projects.

Ehren: In the three panels which I hosted, I particularly liked the high attention and the lively interaction of the audience. At first I thought it would be difficult to reconcile the different focuses of the panels, but it worked very well.

Laube: We were very happy with what we could do at the various events and the feedback on our sessions was positive throughout. The presentation on Contemporary African Architecture was extraordinary and interesting. We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to be part of the exhibition.

Okwumabua: The diversity of speakers featured at the Intelligent Urbanization Forum was well selected and coordinated. What I liked most about it was the opportunity for those interested in the topics to have ample access to the moderators and their presentation profile beforehand.


What was the project you presented?

Domakowski: I presented “Barcelona Urban Innovation: Campus Diagonal-Besòs”.

Ehren: I hosted the presentation of four projects: “Global Trends: Opportunities and Threats Facing Logistics Real Estate”, “The Significance of Mobility in Innovative Urbanization Projects”, “Barcelona and Berlin: Future Prospects about City Development” and “Mobility and Connectivity in the Munich Metropolitan Region”.

Laube: I presented “Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic”.

Okwumabua: The project I presented was a lecture on The Art of Modern African Architecture, and it covered methods for engineering culturally sustainable designs for developers looking to invest in Africa.


What conclusions did you take away from your participation?

Domakowski: In brief it was helpful, useful and innovative to participate in the forum.

Ehren: I would like to participate again next year, and I would be pleased to be a host again. For English-language discussions I would suggest simultaneous translation. I had the impression that in the panel “Barcelona and Berlin”, which was in English, some listeners would have liked to ask questions, but held back because of the language barrier.

Laube: It was very rewarding for us and a great opportunity to present the project to a larger audience. Apart from that, it was nice to meet the other participants.

Okwumabua: My take-away from both the Intelligent Urbanization Forum and my Art of African Architecture Exhibition Gallery was that there is heavy interest in unlocking the secrets to successful investment ventures in African real estate.


Are you planning to participate in the Intelligent Urbanization Forum again in 2017? If so, do you know yet which project you are going to present?

Domakowski: Probably not. We were invited by Messe München as a city, and there will be other cities invited next year.

Ehren: I would love to be back in 2017, particularly since “Intelligent Urbanization” is of great significance in the “Metropolitan Logistic” article series in the Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung. It is, among other things, about city logistics and innovative delivery methods – keyword “last mile”. The forum will certainly present valuable aspects of this topic again.

Laube: We would be pleased to be there in the future again, because the Berlin TXL project will by no means be completed in 2017. It keeps developing continuously and taking on new aspects, such as the Schumacher Quartier, the sustainable climate-neutral residential district, which both implements smart city concepts and is a living lab.

Okwumabua: My company, Southern Sahara Designs, and the special initiative CPDI Africa, will be attending the 2017 EXPO REAL trade fair. We currently have underway three Model City Masterplans that can be adapted to work in East and West Africa. The Model City plans will feature all facets of the live-work-play concepts, sustainable and green practices, and adaptable designs that promote cultural relevance to the end users. We are excited to feature our Modern African Village concepts at EXPO REAL 2017!


Please click here for information on the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2017 and the possibility to apply and become an exhibition partner.

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© Campus Diagonal-Besòs

Grisha Domakowski, Head of Projects, b_TEC Foundation


Harald Ehren, Editor-in-Chief, DVZ – Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung

© Gerhard Kassner

Pia Laube, Marketing & Sales, Berlin TXL

© cpdiafrica

Nmadili Okwumabua, Founder, CPDI Africa

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