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The interior of a microapartment with sofa, table and lamp in front of a window to the city.
Microapartments: A modern alternative in the battle against the housing shortage? 
4. November 2019
By 2035, the proportion of one-person households living in Germany could well reach 44%. Microapartments offer a potential solution to meeting the increasing demand for compact homes and have already established themselves as a major housing and investment trend – although they are not without their critics.
visitors at EXPO REAL from above
“Run for the hills” or “keep calm and carry on”?
28. October 2019
For years, investing in real estate was a safe bet. Signs are gradually increasing that the good times could be about to end – a turnaround in interest rates is not out of the question, and country-specific risks cannot be ignored. How are the professionals dealing with this situation?
Beijing's financial district
Asia and Europe: Markets in urban transitions
22. October 2019
Two panels explored the relationship between the Asia/Pacific and Europe/USA regions on EXPO REAL Tuesday and made it clear that both regions are currently facing similar challenges.
EXPO REAL 2019 – Solutions for Housing Shortage
17. October 2019
Affordable housing is one of the leading topics in the real estate industry and politics. That’s why the motto of Real Estate Industry Day in Berlin is “Coo...
EXPO REAL 2019 – The industry in times of trade disputes, Brexit, low and negative interest rates
17. October 2019
EXPO REAL is the most important meeting place for the real estate industry, which expects another strong year in 2019. At the same time, there is a cloud hang...
EXPO REAL 2019 – NOVA³ – new trade fair concept
17. October 2019
A glimpse into the future of the real estate industry, thanks to a new trade fair concept at the EXPO REAL - NOVA³. Everything revolves around innovation in o...
Greg Clark, Gesa Ziemer, Astrid Panosyan, Sylvie Gallier Howard, Anni Sinnemäki and Ashok Sridharan at the opening panel of EXPO REAL 2019.
Who is the city for?
14. October 2019
All participants at the opening panel of EXPO REAL 2019 were in complete agreement that cities should be there for all citizens and offer them equal opportunities to participate regardless of origin, status or income – but how?
LabCampus ate
“Standort Deutschland”: How building a smarter community can raise the profile of a nation
7. October 2019
Germany has the largest national economy in Europe. But recent figures reveal that „Made in Germany“  is losing appeal. “Standort Deutschland” – or the attractiveness of Germany as an economically strong location – is declining.
2 figurines biking across a map
From Paris to Munich by bike: sporting events at EXPO REAL
3. October 2019
Many roads lead to EXPO REAL: this year, 15 cyclists are swapping business attire for biking gear to travel to the biggest trade fair for real estate and investment in Europe by bike.
Discussion at EXPO REAL 2018's Planning & Partnerships Forum.
Mixed-use properties and hotel hybrids: hospitality’s future is looking colorful
30. September 2019
At this year’s Hospitality Industry Dialogue (HID), the hotel industry is discussing diversity – colorful diversity. Because the hotel world has never been as multi-layered and colorful as it is now.
A glimpse into the shelves at Manufactum in Wien, via Markus Schwitzke GmbH.
Climate change and retail: Why the retail sector cannot ignore sustainability
23. September 2019
Retail stores help to create brand experiences. Admittedly, this realization is not particularly new, but it is more important than ever for the retail and real estate industries to understand and accept.
Brexit, interest rate policy, affordable housing: property professionals say what they think
17. September 2019
1,880 participants of Europe’s biggest property trade fair took part in the third EXPO REAL barometer of opinion and paint a true picture of the mood in the real estate industry. Apart from Brexit, interest rate policy and housing, the topics also include amounts invested, major influencing factors and popular investment locations.
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