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Young people working in the industry want to make good money

Harald Thomeczek
Editor at Immobilien Zeitung
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Students of real estate management and related subjects want to earn a yearly gross salary of about Euro 47,700 at their first job. This is the result of an exclusive survey of Immobilien Zeitung and almost four percent more than a year earlier.


The salaries expected, however, vary considerably depending on the type of work sought. The most popular field in which real estate students want to work is still project development. More than one out of five respondents (21.2 percent) would prefer to work in this field. They expect a salary of 46,515 euros. With 15.7 percent asset management comes second on the list of the most popular fields of work. The salary mentioned here is 48,000 euros. Students who want to go into fund management/investment expect the highest salaries. After graduating they ask their future employers for an average of 49,576 euros. This is the third most popular type of work.

Students know that they are sought after

The substantial and continuously rising income expected by young people who want to get into the real estate business is not arbitrary. On the one hand they know that graduates with the required expertise are trained at very few universities. On the other hand it has not escaped their attention that the markets are booming and companies are desperately looking for people. Therefore, they are optimistic with respect to their career prospects: Nine out of ten rate their chances to enter the profession right away as “good” (46 percent) or “very good” (42 percent).

Also important: Career prospects and autonomous work

Employers, however, are trying to commit young employees to their companies as early as possible. Almost every other respondent has been approached by a potential new employer already. Apart from that, people who are in the job already and looking for real estate-related training are courted.

Even if students have clear salary expectations – the filthy lucre is not top priority for beginners in the real estate industry. Out of 13 aspects in the process of choosing employers the salary came only fourth on a scale of one (very important) to six (unimportant) with 1.96 points in the IZ survey. Career prospects, the possibility to working autonomously and the further training offered by the company are rated higher. It is not as if money was not important for them. But anybody who wants to work in the real estate industry simply assumes a good salary.


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