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The Future of Logistics Properties in the Online Era

Jens Tosse
CEO of teamtosse GmbH

How is online retailing changing logistics properties in the cities? The second Logix study on the “Zukunft der Logistikimmobilie und Standorte aus Nutzersicht” (future of logistics properties and locations from the user’s perspective) postulates six core theses which will be the subject of intensive discussions in the “Let’s talk logistics Forum”.


The massively changing consumer behavior will have massive effects on the supply chain for the cities. So the second Logix study “Zukunft der Logistikimmobilie und Standorte aus Nutzersicht” set out to objectivize the discussion of this topic and substantiate sustainable trends. From a large number of theses the authors finally filtered out six core theses. At EXPO REAL these will be discussed under the title “Logistics Property of the Future – Challenges for Developers, Users and Communities” by – among others – the author of the study, Prof. Dr. Christian Kille (Professor for Retail Logistics at the University of Würzburg), Andreas Fleischer (Business Unit Director Northern Europe of SEGRO Germany and member of the Board of Management of the Logix Initiative), Jan Fiege (member of the management of Fiege Logistik Stiftung) and Francisco Bähr (Managing Partner of Four Parx).

Thesis 1: City Logistics – ready, steady, go!

The amount of land near cities required for logistics purposes is increasing considerably mainly due to the growth of e-commerce and the associated delivery promises. This is becoming even more of a challenge with increasingly stringent legal and environmental regulations. The number of new types of logistics buildings, such as microdepots, hybrid properties or multi-level facilities, at new locations in the city will also grow considerably.

Thesis 2: The Changing Image of the Logistics Industry Enhances its Acceptance

Dealing with e-commerce on a daily basis is changing the perception of the logistics industry and thus its acceptance in politics and society. Logistics has developed from a “pariah” to the “worker bee” and the “enabler”, having undergone a change of its image.

Thesis 3: Really no More Land!?

The amount of land available for logistics facilities is decreasing, which forces developers to find alternatives, such as the use of brownfields or the revitalization of existing buildings in interesting locations. Due to the greater pressure the building concepts are also becoming more innovative, particularly in attractive conurbations, e.g. with mixed use and sophisticated architectural design.

Thesis 4: Please Be Realistic about Promises of Digitization.

Drones, 3D printing and even Industry 4.0 will not mean fundamental change for logistics properties or locations.

Thesis 5: Automation in Height!

The building heights of logistics properties will go up in the medium to long term. The local factors of wages and availability of labor will become less relevant, while automation solutions will become more prevalent. This can also happen in higher buildings.

Thesis 6: Sustainability Has Become a Real Issue

Sustainability will continue to be an ecological hygiene factor, a basic economic prerequisite and a social argument in the settlement process – no more, but also no less.


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