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To Hell with the Gardens
18. August 2017
Creative names with local associations for property projects away from inflationary concepts like “Palais” and “Garten” can increase the value of a property.
The Property Industry as a Focus of the German National Election Campaign
16. August 2017
Many ideas of the parties focus on the housing segment, but towns and cities must also provide space for work and suppliers.
Temporary homes: At home in transit
12. April 2017
Temporary homes fill the gap between permanent fixed accommodation and a short hotel stay.
Brexit–a stroke of luck for BIM?
14. December 2016
The UK leads the way in Europe in building information modeling (BIM), and Brexit may even help to consolidate this dominance.
How will the city of the future look like? INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2016
22. September 2016
For the fourth time in a row the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM at EXPO REAL 2016 will be addressing a range of questions relating to urbanization.
Floating living room
Future living space: Floating real estate at EXPO REAL?
5. August 2016
Dr Thomas Beyerle speculates on the expansion of real estate to water in times of climate change.
Vienna Tiltshift
The direction in which cities are developing – Smart Cities: Vienna and Stockholm
28. September 2015
Two European cities were represented at EXPO REAL 2015 that have committed themselves to the idea of a holistic “Smart City”. Vienna and Stockholm.
Die Eroberung des Himmels
Reaching for the sky to claim green space
29. January 2015
Population growth is increasingly repressing green areas in cities. Learn more about new and innovative trends in building and facade greening.
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