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Switzerland at EXPO REAL 2016: 3 questions to Dr. Roman Bolliger

Part 2 of 3 of our series on “Country Pavilions 2016”


In 2016 Swiss Circle, having been one of our partners from the very start, will organize Switzerland’s country pavilion at EXPO REAL for an amazing 19th time. We caught up with Dr. Roman H. Bolliger, CEO of Swiss Circle, to ask him a few questions about the Swiss country pavilion:


What can the participants at EXPO REAL 2016 expect to see at your country pavilion?

40 Swiss property companies will be exhibiting at the Swiss Circle stand, with 150 expert representatives among them. We will be showcasing projects from within the property sector at various stages of their development, and there will be plenty on display that will be of interest to investors and users alike. Alongside these projects will be property service providers covering every aspect of the property cycle.


It must be hard work organizing a country pavilion – what are the most enjoyable and most stressful parts of the job?

This year, Swiss Circle is organizing the Swiss stand at EXPO REAL for the 19th time. We have been there since the very beginning! This consistency is not something to be taken for granted, however. We are especially delighted that some of our stand partners have been by our side over the years, having not missed a single EXPO REAL. Measuring just 12 square meters, the first-ever Swiss Circle stand was on the smaller side. This has been expanded over time to its current size, exceeding 300 square meters by a considerable margin, and has become much more complex as a result. It’s no wonder, really, that organizing an exhibition space so large that it requires a crew of over 20 people to manage it can get a bit manic at times. Despite this fact, all of us here at Swiss Circle always look forward to our annual visit to Munich for the trade fair.


Which EXPO REAL highlights are you most looking forward to this year – on both a professional and personal level?

The Swiss Circle network extends well beyond the national borders and this year we will be pleased to announce our partnership with our Dutch colleagues at HPP. This collaboration is sure to afford our Swiss Circle members plenty of advantages when it comes to competing on an international scale.


We will be posting more on some of the other country pavilions at EXPO REAL 2016 in the near future!


You can read more about the country pavilions at EXPO REAL 2016 here.


© Swiss Circle

Dr. Roman H. Bolliger is the CEO of Swiss Circle and the person in charge of all national and international activities.

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