Challenge of the future: At the EXPO REAL the Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) brings together startups, tech companies and the real estate industry.

Startups and technology companies on board

EXPO REAL 2017: A new forum for innovation


In 2017 EXPO REAL is celebrating yet another first: the Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN). This forum is set to create a network of international startups, tech companies and the real estate industry. Claudia Boymanns, EXPO REAL Project Manager, and Wolfgang Moderegger, founder and associate of the Real Estate Innovation Network, explain what the new concept is about.


Ms. Boymanns, why did you take REIN on board the EXPO REAL?

In the last few years technological innovation and digitalization have already been important issues for our exhibitors and in the conference program. Now we think the time has come to expand this subject. With the Real Estate Innovation Network we found a partner who brings the real estate industry together with startups from this sector in order to support the upcoming digitalization efforts as well as possible. We support the initiative by providing an ideal environment – and we are convinced that this forum will provide a trend-setting stimulus for all participants of the trade fair.

What will be the place of the Real Estate Innovation Network at the trade fair?

The forum will have its place on 400 square meters right at the center of the trade fair. Planned as a co-working space, exhibitors, conferences and events are combined in one area. Thus potential partners can network optimally.

What do you think is the USP of REIN?

The Real Estate Innovation Network covers the complete value chain. It does not just focus on individual segments like financing or marketing, but also includes planning and operation, investment and transaction. On top of that there will be international partners from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK supporting the initiative. This means that the concept fits very well into that of EXPO REAL, the biggest business network of the real estate industry in Europe.


Moderegger, you are founder and board member of the Real Estate Innovation Network. What was the incentive for you to initiate REIN?

Digitalization has also developed enormous dynamics in the real estate industry. And yet: By international standards, or compared to the automotive industry, the industry is not even close to using the new potential of the internet of things, artificial intelligence or the networking and evaluation of relevant data, to mention but a few. But in particular the requirements evolving from the social development are growing, such as compliance with the climate targets or modern urban planning, which we do not meet yet. This is where the inventiveness of young companies is needed, as it is often found in the startup scene, but still without sufficient networking with the real estate industry. This is what we want to change with REIN: We bring established and very well networked market players together with tech startups. And we support these startups by giving them what they need the most: Prominence, market access and some first customer projects – e.g. by being at the EXPO REAL 2017.

Who are your partners and which aspects/support do they provide?

With EXPO REAL we have the most important platform for real estate and investors in the world. Just being able to present themselves in the focus of the show is worth its weight in gold for the startups. Our partners, advisory boards and sponsors are excellently networked in the real estate industry and investors’ scene themselves and provide expertise, market knowledge and an openness to new ideas, technologies and products. They include, among others, the two startup initiatives from Switzerland and Austria, SwissPropTech and Digital Building Solutions, or companies like HAWORTH, Nemetschek Group, Archibus Solution Center Germany, the Fraunhofer IAO, Vodafone or Daimler Real Estate; and this group is bound to grow considerably over the next few weeks and months.

Which subjects does REIN cover?

In terms of contents we have positioned ourselves along the complete lifecycle of properties, because we need innovation at all stages! And apart from the Startup Alley and the Startup Battlefield at the show forum top-notch experts will demonstrate their leadership for five resulting fields in the panel: 1. Investment, financing, asset management; 2. Marketing, transaction, sale, rental; 3. Project development, planning, building; 4. The workplace of the future, and last but not least 5. Exploitation, property and facilities management. These are actually the very fields in which we expect new stimuli and business ideas from the startups who will be awarded prizes.

The Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN)The Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) is a platform for the exchange between tech startups, established companies and interested market players against the backdrop of a real estate industry going digital. REIN is supported by an independent advisory board from the industry and science, objective: to identify, take up, support and propagate stimuli for current trends and developments in the real estate industry. EXPO REAL is the central forum of REIN. Startups can apply to present their innovations, products and novel business ideas to relevant target groups in a three-day event, to establish important contacts with potential customers, partners and investors. The best startups will be awarded prizes. REIN ­– the startup ecosystem for the real estate industry.

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Claudia Boymanns

Claudia Boymanns, Exhibition Manager at EXPO REAL, always has a clear goal in mind: to provide the real estate and investment sector in Europe with the best networking platform for their business.

Wolfgang Moderegger is the founder of the Real Estate Innovation Network. Having studied architecture in Munich, he established his own planning consultancy. In 1998 he started AIS Management GmbH in which he holds the position of a managing partner up to this day. In his function of running and participating in working parties, working groups and committees he focuses – among others – on industrial services, product maintenance and repair and building management.

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