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Romania at EXPO REAL 2016: 4 questions to Ruxandra Dumitrescu

Part 1/3 of our series on “Country Pavilions 2016”

Country pavilions have been a feature of EXPO REAL for 18 years now and Romania is all set to make an appearance once again this year. We asked Ruxandra Dumitrescu, Head of the Market Consultancy Department at the German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and organizer of the Romanian country pavilion some questions to find out more:


What can the participants of EXPO REAL 2016 expect to see at the Romanian country pavilion?

The pavilion is set up in a way that reflects the new market dynamics and opportunities on the Romanian market. This year, the whole spectrum of exhibitors will be represented. For example, the Romanian investment agency will be joined by suppliers of commercial space and property in established investment locations in the west of the country and in areas that are only just being discovered by international investors for the first time. Plus, providers of innovative concepts for stadiums and multifunctional arenas will be at the pavilion, too.


What is the current status of the Romanian property market?

Romania continues to have one of the highest rates of economic growth within the EU, with a stable forecast. This is due to an increase in private consumption, the reduction in value added tax, and the Romanian government’s fiscal policy. The increase in consumption has in turn resulted in the expansion of the retail sector, growth within industrial production, and investment in the service sector. The positive macroeconomic figures are also having a knock-on effect on the property market. Demand for commercial property has increased significantly, with almost all lets on this kind of property being agreed before completion. By building new office buildings, international investors such as Vastint, Skanska, AFI Europe and CA Immo are demonstrating their confidence in the Romanian market.

The reduction in financing costs (by up to 200 basis points compared to mid-year 2015) and the fact that financial institutions are becoming more willing to finance property projects continues to be this year’s hot topic within the property sector.


It must be hard work organizing a country pavilion—what are the most enjoyable and most stressful parts of the job?

The final preparations on the day before the trade fair starts are the most stressful, as we always know that something is bound to be forgotten, arrive too late, or have been ordered incorrectly. But in these cases our policy is to not panic!

The most fun part is when we collect up all the feedback forms and see that our co-exhibitors are happy. Of course, it’s also great to establish new contacts and work with our partners.


Which EXPO REAL highlights are you most looking forward to this year—on both a professional and personal level?

That’s easy: our event “Romania—new market dynamics and fresh opportunities” taking place as part of the DISCUSSION & NETWORKING FORUM in Hall A1 on Tuesday, October 4, from 14:00.



We will be posting more on some of the other country pavilions at EXPO REAL 2016 in the near future!

You can read more about the country pavilions at EXPO REAL 2016 here


Romanian country pavilion

  • In 2016, there will be eight exhibitors.
  • Romania first had its own stand in 2012, so 2016 will mark the country’s fifth appearance.
  • Romania also features on the conference program: “Romania—new market dynamics and fresh opportunities,” Tuesday, October 4, 2016, from 14:00 in Hall A1.

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Ruxandra Dumitrescu is Head of the Market Consultancy Department at the German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, where she has worked since 2004. Taking on the role of project manager for numerous projects, she has gained extensive experience in the property sector. The German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has been the official representative of EXPO REAL in Romania since 2013 and the organizer of the international “Cities of Tomorrow” conference in Bucharest since 2014.

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