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Post-Brexit turbulence and the impact of Airbnb

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Maria Pütz-Willems
Founder and editor-in-chief of HospitalityInside

Hospitality Industry Dialogue topics at EXPO REAL 2016

Today, geopolitical turbulence and developments in individual countries and regions are having a greater impact on the hospitality industry than ever before. The industry’s “key players” – investors such as hoteliers – are confronted with long-term, impossible-to-predict changes. The Hospitality Industry Dialogue at EXPO REAL 2016 will examine the biggest trends and reveal the opinions of some of the major players within the industry.


The hotel conference’s keynote speech will be given by internationally renowned London-based hotel market analysis specialists STR. Titel: “Navigating Uncertainty: Where is Europe’s hotel industry headed?” A particularly pertinent question following the Brexit vote… And European diversity is also a key concern in discussions among pan-European hotel owners and operators, whose models are often varied, change frequently, and lead to confusion. This talk should bring some transparency.

Where are the investors who want to invest in resorts?

The CEO of Spanish company Barceló Hotels will be at EXPO REAL for the first time. In 2015, the group set up its first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), changing their brand concept and their expansion plans for Europe. Joining them on the podium: LFPI Hotel Management Deutschland, UBMhotels, and Event Hotels.

Appetites for travel within Europe are on the increase, but the appetite for investors to finance resorts is not following suit. Or is it? Falkensteiner Hotels, TUI, Morgan Stanley, and other high profile companies will be discussing “priorities, profit, and professionalism.”

Takeover wave engulfs small hotel groups

 The fall will see the merger of the Marriott and Starwood Hotels chains finally be made legal, thereby creating the world’s largest hotel chain, with some 1.1 million rooms. This is one symbol of the current wave of takeovers which is sweeping over even small hotel groups. With this in mind, investors and owners are only concerned about one thing: How much space does this leave for their interests? Among those signed up to provide answers are a high-level manager from Fairmont Hotels (recently merged with AccorHotels), CEO of the German Novum Hotel Group, and a lawyer who specializes in this area.

Boom in the budget segment

There seems to be a constant influx of new players in the booming budget sector. And it is not just existing groups rapidly expanding across Germany and Europe – there are also many small, sometimes even family-owned companies that are flourishing in well-selected micro-markets having closely examined the concepts of the big players. Presenting their latest concepts: Cocoon Hotels & Buddy, Letomotel, My Quarter, and PAI Hotels.

Airbnb and its impact on urban development and the hotel sector

The global sphere is abuzz with two specific topics: South Africa and – the centerpiece of the hotel conference – “Airbnb & Co.” Murray Cox, founder of the anti-Airbnb site “InsideAirbnb,” will be flying in from New York to determine how online accommodation matchmaking platforms influence urban development and the hotel sector alongside city representatives, project developers, and market researchers.


Further information on the listed events

  • Navigating Uncertainty: Where is Europe’s hotel industry headed? Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 10:30–10:50
  • Pan-European owner operators: Where is the best place to live in Europe and why? Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 11:00–11:50
  • The desire for leisure is increasing – but not among investors: Who is still financing resorts? Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 12:00–12:50
  • Airbnb & Co: The new P2P platforms’ love for the hospitality and housing market. Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 13:30–14:50
  • Does larger mean better? Even after Marriott/Starwood acquisitions are booming. Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 15:00–15:50
  • The next boom region? Hotel industry in sub-Saharan Africa – opportunities and risks. Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 16:00–16:50
  • New concepts in the budget market: Bed box or hotel? Tuesday, 10/04/2016, 17:00–17:50

All of these events will take place in the SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM in Hall C2.


The latest version of the conference program can be found here.


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