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EXPO REAL 2015 | Exploring the Real-Time City
6. October 2015
Using these pictures we started asking questions like: Can we count where the tourists are in the city? We queried the photos for the location and then document...
EXPO REAL 2015 | Transparency Now Better for Hotel Investors
6. October 2015
Cornelia Kausch, Vice President of Development, Pandox, explains: Everything is changing, even the contracts....
EXPO REAL 2015 | How do external factors impact on the property sector?
6. October 2015
The property sector is in better shape than it has been for years. Yet external influences - not originating in the sector itself - can cause unexpected turbule...
Vienna Tiltshift
The direction in which cities are developing – Smart Cities: Vienna and Stockholm
28. September 2015
Two European cities were represented at EXPO REAL 2015 that have committed themselves to the idea of a holistic “Smart City”. Vienna and Stockholm.
Simone Böck, Head of Human Resources Operations at Patrizia Immobilien AG
Successful applications at EXPO REAL – tips from the HR pro
17. September 2015
Do you want your visit to the EXPO REAL to be a success? Then you should prepare with that goal in mind. Get useful tips from an expert in human resources.
Interview: russian internet retailer Ulmart for the first time at EXPO REAL
15. September 2015
2015 Ulmart present themselves for the first time at EXPO REAL. What makes the company from St. Petersburg special, and why do they come to Munich?
The property boom in Nairobi: “This land is not for sale”
10. September 2015
In Nairobi city center the property boom is in full swing. Learn more about the effects on commercial and residential property.
Japan and Germany – two different worlds
2. September 2015
A real estate expert tells us about the differences and stumbling blocks in the relationship between Germans and Japanese.
Die besten Büros kommen erst noch
The best offices are yet to come
1. September 2015
Office properties in the age of digital workplaces – how do building design und property management have to change to keep up?
Weltmeister in Logistik
World champion in logistics
20. August 2015
Logistics properties play a role at EXPO REAL. But just what is logistics, and what topics are exercising the industry in Germany when it comes to real estate?
1. July 2015
MatchUp! is the perfect platform for effective networking before, at and after EXPO REAL....
Die Eroberung des Himmels
Reaching for the sky to claim green space
29. January 2015
Population growth is increasingly repressing green areas in cities. Learn more about new and innovative trends in building and facade greening.
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