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Renderings der Siemensstadt 2. 0 in Berlin: Sonnig, mit einer Vielfalt an Gebäuden, Parks und Cafés
Siemensstadt 2.0: creating space for industrial digitalization and living
20. January 2020
With Siemensstadt 2.0, Siemens AG is realizing its vision of new working and living environments on the historic Siemens site in Berlin Spandau.
Modern and cosy Hotel room with three square pictures hanging over a double bed.
What makes conversion so attractive in the current European hotel landscape?
7. January 2020
In a European hotel real estate market characterized by challenge and opportunity, the trend towards conversion represents an increasingly attractive growth space for both developers and hoteliers alike.
Cityscape at night with virtual data network in the sky above
Using environmental data to develop Smart Cities
16. December 2019
Smart city start-up Hawa Dawa uses environmental data to improve the air quality and livability of cities. At EXPO REAL 2019, Head of Sales, Janina Stork, provided insights into the complexity of transforming a traditional city into a smart city.
aerial view of a large building site
Urban Mining – The city is a stockpile of raw materials for the future circular economy
4. December 2019
Although cities cover only 2% of the earth’s surface, they consume 75% of our resources. Gregor Grassl from Drees & Sommer presents a possible solution to this problem: The city as a circular economy.
Beijing's financial district
Asia and Europe: Markets in urban transitions
22. October 2019
Two panels explored the relationship between the Asia/Pacific and Europe/USA regions on EXPO REAL Tuesday and made it clear that both regions are currently facing similar challenges.
A glimpse into the shelves at Manufactum in Wien, via Markus Schwitzke GmbH.
Climate change and retail: Why the retail sector cannot ignore sustainability
23. September 2019
Retail stores help to create brand experiences. Admittedly, this realization is not particularly new, but it is more important than ever for the retail and real estate industries to understand and accept.
Made from glass, metal, concrete, synthetics, wood, and natural rock, just like a typical logistics building: The Logix Award.
Logix Award 2019 – presentation on October 7th!
4. September 2019
The 4th Logix Award ist open for applications! It honors logistics properties that have strong ecological, urban planning, and social credentials.
Untapped potential lies in the connection of various means of transport through pre-paid plans. Photo: Milan Ilic / Shutterstock
Can Real Estate Developers unlock the potential of Mobility as a Service?
19. August 2019
Mobility as a Service, or MaaS, has been in a journey to make itself relevant over the past 5 years. The concept combines trip planning, payment options and different mobility options such as metro systems, buses, shared sedans, and even bikes and scooters on one platform.
Panoramic view of Berlin
Does everyone who works in Berlin have to live there, too?
5. August 2019
I often go to Berlin on business trips and have to admit: there is something about that city. Unfortunately it is not all good. I like going there – but I like leaving even more.
Worker pulling packages through a warehouse
How logistics real estate can become sustainable and healthy
22. July 2019
Successful companies know that everyone involved will benefit from sustainable logistics. Showing responsibility for the environment and for the welfare of employees has become an essential part of the industry.
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