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EXPO REAL FORUM 2016: Florian Pronold in a talk
6. October 2016
Florian Pronold MP, Parliamentary State Secretary, in a talk about "New people in Germany: Immigration and building"....
EXPO REAL FORUM 2016: Demographic and sociographic change
5. October 2016
New people in Germany: Immigration and building – Immigration is bringing about change in Germany. Not least as regards society, but also in ...
First-time exhibitors at EXPO REAL 2016: Starland Holding, Slovak Republic
14. September 2016
Introducing first-time exhibitors appearing at EXPO REAL 2016, starting with Mr. Juraj Glonda from Slovak company Starland Holding.
Romania at EXPO REAL 2016: 4 questions to Ruxandra Dumitrescu
12. September 2016
Country pavilions have been a feature of EXPO REAL for 18 years and Romania is all set to make an appearance once again this year. We interviewed the organizer.
Urban Age
Intelligent Urbanization: Report from the Urban Age Conference 2016
2. September 2016
By 2050, over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. What will these cities look like? Report from the UrbanAge-Conference 2016.
Parque das Nações
“Lisbon has become a start-up city” – Interview with Rui Coelho, Executive Director at Invest Lisboa
19. August 2016
Invest Lisboa’s Rui Coelho comments on Portugal’s attendance at EXPO REAL 2016 and special events at their joint stand.
Floating living room
Future living space: Floating real estate at EXPO REAL?
5. August 2016
Dr Thomas Beyerle speculates on the expansion of real estate to water in times of climate change.
EXPO REAL 2015 | Federal Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks
7. October 2015
According to Federal Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks we need 350.00 new living spaces a year in Germany. The important question ist: How do we pull it off to cre...
Vienna Tiltshift
The direction in which cities are developing – Smart Cities: Vienna and Stockholm
28. September 2015
Two European cities were represented at EXPO REAL 2015 that have committed themselves to the idea of a holistic “Smart City”. Vienna and Stockholm.
The property boom in Nairobi: “This land is not for sale”
10. September 2015
In Nairobi city center the property boom is in full swing. Learn more about the effects on commercial and residential property.
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