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INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM – Solutions for the City of the Future

To deal with the rapid urbanization, urban construction needs smart, sustainable concepts. The INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM at EXPO REAL shows contemporary projects from Heidelberg, Łódź and several Austrian cities.


Learning from other cities and their ideas, concepts and experiences – this is the basic idea of the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM at EXPO REAL. The latest urban development projects are shown in an exhibition, and there are guided tours and presentations. This year interesting insights are presented by: Heidelberg with the “PHVision” concept on former military land, “The New Centre of Łódź” project from Poland as well as “Innovative Cities: Made in Austria” with many different projects and research results from several cities.

Heidelberg: Patrick Henry Village will be the “City of Science of the Future”

The former “Patrick Henry Village” estate for American military personnel is at the centre of the urban development vision “PHVision” in Heidelberg. On an area of 100 ha a city district will be built, which can deal with the various urban challenges of the future. The project of the Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA, International Building Exhibitions) Heidelberg is a cooperation with KCAP Architects&Planners, very diverse scenarios created by international urban planning companies were included. The project also includes a new planning culture, a “Stadtlabor” (city lab), which fully encompasses citizens, science and businesses. Kees Christiaanse from KCAP will present the project as a keynote speaker at the Intelligent Urbanization Forum.

Visit the website of IBA Heidelberg for further information.

“Innovative Cities: Made in Austria”

Meanwhile there are about 40 Smart Cities and Smart Urban Regions in Austria. The secret of their success are support schemes like “Stadt der Zukunft” (City of the Future”), which ensure continuous financing of smart urban development strategies and projects. The Smart Cities of Salzburg and Villach are pioneers and an inspiration for other Austrian cities. Among other things it is worth looking at the optimized district heating system in Salzburg. Villach shows how solutions for worldwide application are created in coordination with citizens and local companies. The exhibition shows the essence of a smart city, and the experts provide information on successful projects and research results of the “Innovative Cities: Made in Austria”.

Find out more about the various smart city projects of the city of Salzburg.

Learn more about the “Stadt der Zukunft” projects.

„The New Centre of Łódź“

After the collapse of the textile industry the city centre of Łódź should be revived. On a 100 ha area space will be created for many different services, offices, housing and hotels. E.g., a former power plant will cater for completely new requirements with a 3D cinema and a planetarium. Another important element is the new underground and railway station Łódź Fabryczna, a multimodal transport hub.

Read more about “The New Centre of Łódź”.


The project presentations will be on October 04 and 05 at the following times:

2:00 – 2:50 p.m.: Innovative Cities: Made in Austria

3:00 – 3:50 p.m.: IBA Heidelberg: “PHVision”

4:00 – 4:50 p.m.: The New Centre of Łódź

In addition to these projects there will be a program with presentations and panel discussions around the topic of Intelligent Urbanization. To the conference program.


Find out more about the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM on our homepage.

Have a look back at the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2016.

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