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Hungary at EXPO REAL 2016: Budapest is the place this year

Robert Heffner
Advisor to the President at Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA)

Using a joint stand, the Municipality of Budapest, the Real Estate Developers’ Roundtable Association (IFK) and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) will represent Hungary and promote Budapest at the EXPO REAL 2016. The over 100 m² large, custom-built Hungarian exhibition stand designed by BVA Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Kft. will present a number of promising Budapest real estate development projects.


Budapest is clearly strengthening its position

It is a priority for the Municipality of Budapest to make the city a target area for international real estate development and investment. The long-term urban development concept and realisation of future sports events provide an excellent basis for introduction in international forums and to stimulate the interest of investors.

With the Municipality of Budapest, HIPA, IFK and its member companies organising a joint exhibition at EXPO REAL 2016, Hungary can see an old endeavour become reality. The joint Budapest stand is the most possible effective message for the international investment community about the situation of the Hungarian real estate market which is expecting a large boom. Budapest is clearly strengthening its position on the real estate investment maps, and the interest in Budapest and in the Hungarian market is recovering.


A lot of interesting projects will be presented at EXPO REAL

At the EXPO REAL, the Real Estate Developers’ Roundtable Association will represent Hungary’s 19 internationally recognised leading property development companies. Among these, Atenor, Futureal, Horizon, InfoGroup, Property Market, Útnet, WING’s will also be present at the Budapest stand.

With the participation, the key objective of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency’s investment project department is to raise awareness of the sectoral and investor target audience – which are present in high concentration – about the real estate development projects which have a serious feasibility potential. These projects include, among others, a large number of office building and hotel developments, as well as luxury residential complex and large-volume airport logistics developments.


The gloomy years are over

Like many other countries, Hungary expects a boom in 2016 for the first time since 2008. This is the first but very significant sign of recovery since the economic crisis. The main driver of the market is still the SSC/BPO sector. With over two decades of proven track record, Hungary is now widely considered as a well-established and mature target location of this industry, where most projects come from Western Europe and the USA. The recent years have seen some upscale hotel developments and transactions, too. Demand in the industrial and logistics real estate market has also been experiencing a steady growth, mainly in the Budapest area. So clearly, the gloomy years are over for the real estate market in Hungary.


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