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Go East to meet a region that’s outperforming others

Katarzyna Zawodna
President at Skanska Commercial Development Europe

The world’s first Hyperloop railway will connect Bratislava and Vienna in 20 minutes. Romanian cities are among the world’s top 15 cities for fastest Internet download speeds. Surprised? Then you will probably be interested in some more facts about Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).


According to the World Bank Group, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia will remain among the fastest growing economies in the EU over the next few years. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of CEE’s strongest growth engines. The region is experienced in advanced business services, IT and back-office operations, which are currently on the list of the most popular services for FDI in Europe. Moody’s forecasts state that these countries should also be resilient to international economic and local socio-political challenges in the near future.

People are the power

Apart from favorable macroeconomic conditions, what matters to investors is the region’s well-educated and talented labor force. Every year CEE produces 1.2 million graduates, many of them with working proficiency in 40 languages which they use on a daily basis. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine provide the market with 285,000 engineers a year – more than the US.[1]  In the OECD’s PISA rankings, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Latvia are all in the top 30 countries with the best math results. It is evident that people are the real power of this region. They have all the skills they need to set ambitious goals and achieve extraordinary results for their respective countries.

A paradise for real estate investment

Motivated young people who have the ability to push business forward is an important quality for the modern business services sector, which does not just boost the economy but the construction market as well. There is still a need for prime offices, shopping centers, and logistics infrastructure. Poland and the Czech Republic remain regional leaders in terms of commercial real estate transaction volumes with a 40% and 18.5% market share respectively[2].

And the future for all of these aspects looks bright. If you haven’t focused your interest on CEE then it’s high time you caught up with what’s happening in this part of the world.

More facts about CEE markets are available in the CEE Investment Report 2016: Mission to Outperform. Click here to download.


Skanska Commercial Development Europe

Skanska Commercial Development Europe initiates and develops sustainable property projects in office and other commercial buildings. The company’s operations are concentrated in metropolitan areas in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland and are conducted in four local units: Skanska Property Czech Republic, Skanska Property Hungary, Skanska Romania and Skanska Property Poland.

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[1] Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, April 2016

[2] CEE Investment Pulse, H1 2016, JLL

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