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PARK CITY Triblavina © 2016 Starland Holding a.s.

First-time exhibitors at EXPO REAL 2016: Starland Holding, Slovak Republic

Part 1 in our “First-time exhibitors 2016” series

As always, a large number of exhibitors will be joining us for the first time at this year’s EXPO REAL. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing some of our new exhibitors to you, giving them the chance to reveal their reasons for exhibiting and share some of their plans and projects. First up is Mr. Juraj Glonda from Slovak company Starland Holding:


Why are you attending EXPO REAL in 2016?

We participate in EXPO REAL as visitors every year, and we know the high quality of this exhibition. After many years of hard work, we are ready to introduce our project to professionals and investors this year. We believe that EXPO REAL in Munich is the right way.


Will you be holding any special events or are you presenting a special project at EXPO REAL 2016?

Our project PARK CITY Triblavina is unique from several perspectives. It is potentially one of the largest development projects in Central Europe and has the dynamic potential to become a project of the City of the Future. The Project is located on the north-east border of Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia between Vienna, Budapest and Prague, 7 km from the international airport, with direct highway connection to the heart of Europe. One of the greatest settled and consolidated mixed-use area in Europe with a total acreage of 285,49 ha (705,46 ac) crosses the Slovak most frequent D1 highway together with the new D4 highway (under construction).

Project PARK CITY is ready for any type of real estate function except heavy industry. Our first clients are companies such as VGP. We are open for negotiations with investors who are interested in large-size plots for retail (FMZ), office, logistics, light industry, residential, leisure and many more.

Thanks to its extraordinary infrastructure, excellent layout, plenty of green areas, and excellent accessibility, PARK CITY could be a space for a futuristic solution of new urbanism or ecological housing, science and research projects, quality education, logistics, the sophisticated industry of information technologies, or major cultural and social projects.

© 2016 Juraj Glonda

Juraj Glonda is the Sales and Marketing Director at Starland Holding a.s. The company based in Bratislava develops properties in Slovakia. Currently it primarily focuses on the development of the Triblavina project.

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