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“Standort Deutschland”: How building a smarter community can raise the profile of a nation
7. October 2019
Germany has the largest national economy in Europe. But recent figures reveal that „Made in Germany“  is losing appeal. “Standort Deutschland” – or the attractiveness of Germany as an economically strong location – is declining.
EXPO REAL 2018 – Urban development
26. October 2018
Our cities are growing more crowded. Traffic, construction, ecology and social interests are taking up more and more space. The city of tomorrow requires new th...
From left to right: Andreas Grömling, Dr. Amy Hochadel & Axel Lerche.
Intelligent Urbanization: Industry Statements on Smart Cities
8. October 2018
Cities face huge challenges, but as technology hubs they simultaneously offer potential solutions. Four industry experts present their ideas to handle problems of future cities.
View of a solar roof
Sustainable Properties Offer Yield Opportunities
25. September 2017
There are good reasons to rely on sustainable properties in a property portfolio.
Hand holding smartphone with city on it
INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM – Solutions for the City of the Future
30. August 2017
This year the city of Heidelberg, Łódź from Poland and Smart Cities from Austria demonstrate their projects for intelligent urban development.
City of the Future: Valuable Communication at the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM
13. June 2017
We interviewed four participants on the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM at EXPO REAL 2016
INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2016: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic
2. November 2016
Berlin’s Tegel airport shuts down once BER opens. The state of Berlin commissioned Tegel Projekt GmbH with developing and realizing The Urban Tech Republic: a...
INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2016: Barcelona Urban Innovation: The example of the development of the Campus Diagonal-Besòs
4. October 2016
The completion of the 1st phase of the Campus Diagonal-Besòs for 3.500 students and 500 researchers in green engineering gives unique oportunities: The urban d...
Preview: Exhibition on Modern African Architecture at EXPO REAL 2016
27. September 2016
Exhibition shows 25 winning designs from the Modern African Architecture Competition 2015
How will the city of the future look like? INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2016
22. September 2016
For the fourth time in a row the INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM at EXPO REAL 2016 will be addressing a range of questions relating to urbanization.
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