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EXPO REAL CareerDay 2017: Three students share their experiences. EXPO REAL CareerDay 2017: Three students share their experiences.

EXPO REAL CareerDay 2017: The students’ point of view

At EXPO REAL’s CareerDay, everything revolves around students and young professionals starting their career in the property industry – including talks with international employers and a high-quality conference program. Three testimonials tell you their personal recap of last year’s CareerDay.

Katharina Schubert

Student of Construction and Real Estate Management at the University of Mainz

“I was able to speak with experts from the real estate industry about current topics and to attend interesting talks at Expo Real 2017. I met companies and their employees personally and got a first impression of the industry.

In addition, I received expert opinions about regional or subject-related areas, which help me with the topic choice of my thesis, for example, a talk on the current economic situation with regard to the low-interest phase or the lighthouse projects in urban development in Frankfurt am Main.

EXPO REAL has given me an insight into different areas of the real estate industry, and the CareerDay provided special talks on career topics such as the preparation of application documents and the right preparation for a job interview. I also found the panel “Job descriptions in the real estate industry” very informative. The companies in the CareerCorner were very open, so I was able to make important contacts for my future professional path.”


Patrick Obernesser

Student for Economics in Heidelberg.

“Since an internship with a real estate company, I have been very interested in the topics of real estate marketing and real estate investments. That’s why I also specifically selected the talks and discussion panels from the huge overall program that dealt with these topics at EXPO REAL. I also decided to talk to other participants and to network a bit.

When I first came to the exhibition hall, I was overwhelmed by the size and the many participants. I first took a tour of the exhibition halls to get an overview. In the process, I lingered at many booths and listened to booth presentations or talked to exhibitors.

On the second day of the trade fair, I then took more time for the speaker program as well as visited booths and stages that interested me specifically. I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly it was possible, even as a student, to have good discussions with high-ranking representatives of the real estate industry.

Career Day provides a special career-oriented program for young professionals and students/trainees on the third day of the fair. Among other things, there was a job board and you got first hand valuable tips for a professional application. You could talk directly to the HR managers of many companies in CareerCorners.”


Jan-Viktor Lattke

Student of Architecture/Civil Engineering in Leipzig. 
He already visited EXPO REAL 2017 for the second time.

“Especially for students, EXPO REAL provides an excellent opportunity to analyze and understand the real estate market as well as to ask many questions. Talks, presentations and discussions provide interesting insights and outlooks. For example, I found the discussion “Germany after the election” with the Minister of State, members of the German Parliament and state parliament to be very informative.

I was at the trade fair on all three days, and the CareerDay on the third day was especially important for me. I was particularly interested in possible employers and job offers as well as insights into other areas of the real estate industry. Compared to 2016, more employers were represented at the forum. I found the talk “Real estate employers introduce themselves and their preferred candidates” including a discussion with various employers particularly informative for me as a career starter.”

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