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Exhibitor testimonials – EXPO REAL 2015

– in alphabetical order –

Jaap van der Bijl, Managing Director Investor Relations, Syntrus Achmea, Netherlands

“At EXPO REAL you meet all the important players in the property sector. This fair is traditionally concentrated more on content, on business, and within the sector Germany is seen as an important and stable market. As for business: it´s picking up again. Pockets are full, and there´s renewed appetite for investing. Institutional bonds currently offer higher returns than government bonds. People are looking for alternative places to invest capital with stable yields.” 

Andrea Boeri, Managing Director, Prelios Immobilien Management, Italy

“For Prelios, EXPO REAL is the most important fair for the central European commercial real estate market. Besides German, Polish and international investors and partners, we met several Anglo-Saxon investors who are interested in specific real estate services like asset management or repositioning for their assets.”

Carsten Brinkmann, Chairman, Supervisory Board, TERRANUS Group, Germany

“EXPO REAL, an important meeting place for our sector, was again a great success for us this year. We were able to firm up some business deals and further expand our already extensive network of contacts. EXPO REAL is one of the most important platforms for the national and international real estate sector.”



Meka Brunel, Executive Vice President, Europe, Ivanhoe Cambridge, France

“The atmosphere at EXPO REAL is really busy, focused and professional. My impression is that EXPO REAL opens its doors to the world and people from many countries. I was in contact with many pan-European people.”

Oleg Danilov, Chief Operating Officer, Ulmart, Russia

“We have come to EXPO REAL because we have developed a new concept for retail parks that combines retail and wholesale, e-commerce and traditional trading forms. We want to present this concept, talk to people about it and find developers that can implement our ideas. There´s no better place to do this than at EXPO REAL in Munich.”


Eric Dapigny, Managing Director, YaReal International N.V & President YaReal Polska, Poland

“EXPO REAL is a very efficient place to meet a lot of people in a short time. And we appreciate the fact that appointments take place at the right time and at the right place. What is also very important for us is the presence of a lot of international investors at EXPO REAL.”

Peter Feldmann, Mayor, City of Frankfurt am Main, Germany

“EXPO REAL is always a great success for us. At this event we can show our projects and ideas on urban development in concentrated form to an international audience. At the same time, it´s a good place for networking with mayoral colleagues.”


John Forrester, EMEA Chief Executive, Cushman & Wakefield, UK

“This is the first high-profile, international capital markets event since the launch of our new company. EXPO REAL is an incredible opportunity to meet with so many of our local and global clients, to hear from them and to give our unique views on the market.”


Dr. Ute Geipel-Faber, Senior Director, Invesco Europe, Netherlands

“For us EXPO REAL is the most important property fair in Europe as it attracts a wide spectrum of business partners: project developers, real estate managers, cities and local authorities as suppliers of projects and also institutional investors.”

Jaap Gillis, CEO, Bouwfonds Investment Management, Netherlands

“For me, EXPO REAL is the working conference in real estate in Europe. All the people I meet have full schedules all day. This means high value for money.”


Dr. Thomas Glatte, Director, Group Real Estate & Facility Management, BASF SE, Germany

“EXPO REAL is the annual ‘family gathering’ of the real estate sector. As an industrial company we see EXPO REAL as a platform for exchange between the clients for and users of real estate products and their suppliers. And, as corporate real estate managers, we are pleased to report increasing interest in our business, in the market generally and here at the show.” 

Joseph S. Grubb Jr., Managing Director, HQ Capital Real Estate, US

“It’s a good time to invest in the US, therefore EXPO REAL is a great fair where we get to meet our investors. Bringing them together in one place makes the three days very efficient.” 

Dr. Barbara Hendricks, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Germany

“We are facing the biggest housing challenge for decades: How can we create more affordable housing in Germany? We are currently putting together an extensive package of measures to mobilize all state and private-sector options. EXPO REAL is an excellent forum for this. On a tour of the show, it was clear to me that all the partners working on the same theme from different angles can be found here – namely in the field of building and housing.”



Ulrich Höller FRICS, CEO, DIC Asset AG, Germany

“EXPO REAL is the biggest property trade fair in Europe. Year on year it brings together and connects investors and the political decision-makers in a ‘Who´s Who’ of the entire value chain in real estate. Every year we are delighted to be here.”

Dr. Franz Jurkowitsch, Chairman, Management Board, WARIMPEX Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG, Germany

“As WARIMPEX is engaged mostly in central and eastern Europe, EXPO REAL is one of the most important dates in our diary each year. This is the place we can meet up with the key players and business partners. We have lots of meetings here to talk about specific projects. Three intensive days at EXPO REAL save us a lot of time traveling to individual meetings.”

John McHugh, Head of Strategic & Commercial Marketing, Manchester Airport Group, UK

“EXPO REAL has proved to be a great platform for MAG Property’s senior management team to develop important networks and to further establish our reputation on an international stage. Indeed, generating interest from European investors and occupiers regarding the wide range of commercial property opportunities that exist across our four airports has been key to our attendance.”

Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, Russia

“EXPO REAL has a very fruitful atmosphere and it is highly efficient, thanks to the excellent organization behind the scenes. One positive aspect for us was the renewed interest in the Russian market.”

Alexander Otto, CEO, ECE, Germany

“For us EXPO REAL is the most important date in our diaries. We always come to the show with an interdisciplinary team to present our latest projects and to talk business. The advantage of this fair for us is that you just find all the players in the sector here.”


Beat Pahud, Project Director “The Circle”, Senior Vice President, Flughafen Zürich AG, Switzerland

“We use EXPO REAL as a showroom for presenting the biggest property project in Switzerland: The Circle. The Circle is an example of the kind of urban development that is possible in the area around an airport. These ideas for densification and development will in future be taken up everywhere that it makes sense, by cities in their regeneration and expansion plans.”

Hugues Parant, CEO, Epadesa, France

“German investors are one of our main target groups. We see that France, particularly Paris-La Défense, is interesting to invest in. That is why we chose to be present at EXPO REAL. We also participate in EXPO REAL to feel the market, feel the atmosphere, see if anything has changed in terms of investment trends.”

Daniel Riedl, CEO, BUWOG AG, Austria

“EXPO REAL is a very concentrated working fair. At this event you can work through lots of meetings in a short space of time, and with people that you don´t otherwise get to meet. Just how concentrated it is, can be seen in the mornings when you arrive at the exhibition center: As soon as the turnstiles open, the halls fill up straight away.”

Dr. Bernhard Scholz, Board Member, pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Germany

“For pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank EXPO REAL is one of the most important trade fairs. This fair gives us the chance to meet up with our clients from home and abroad in a very concentrated way. We come to EXPO REAL not only the real estate financiers, but also as partners in investments in public infrastructure.”


 Claus P. Thomas, International Director/Managing Director, LaSalle Investment Management, Germany

“There is a lot of money in the market at present. The prices are high and yields are low. That is a difficult situation and one that we are all having to face at the moment. This has implications for EXPO REAL, too, as it gains ‘drive’ in two ways: On the one hand, from an international perspective, Germany is still regarded as a ‘safe haven’, and on the other, at the time the fair takes place we all have our year-end figures in mind, so talks at EXPO REAL are always about concrete projects.”

 Philippe Le Trung, Head of Corporate Development & Communication, Foncière des Régions, France

“EXPO REAL is the place where the major European real estate players do business. It is first and foremost a marketplace that enables Foncière des Régions to meet with its business partners to work on our different transactions and projects. We have a EUR 17bn portfolio in France, Germany and Italy and consider EXPO REAL as a key event of the year.”

Carlo De Vito, CEO, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Italy

“FS Sistemi Urbani’s participation in EXPO REAL was very important to show our real estate assets to international investors. It was a significant opportunity to present the most important development projects in the major Italian cities near the high-speed stations.”


Dr. Joachim Wieland, CEO, Aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

“At EXPO REAL, because of the many market participants and business talks, you quickly get a feeling for where the market is going. This is, as it were, the beating heart of the property market. That´s why EXPO REAL is so important for Aurelis.”

Dr. Edgar Zoller, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Bayerische Landesbank, Germany

“EXPO REAL has positioned itself clearly ahead of all other international trade fairs in the property sector and BayernLB has been a participant since the beginning. This year, too, we are noticing the ongoing international interest in particular in the German market. We see great potential for us in assisting investors who want to invest capital in German property.”

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