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Regarding cyber security, the real estate industry faces big challenges. Photo: / Shutterstock. Regarding cyber security, the real estate industry faces big challenges. Photo: / Shutterstock.

Transitioning to Digital, But Doing It Safely

Silvia Hendricks
Silvia Hendricks

New business models, network processes – the digitalization of the real estate industry is gaining momentum, but is enough thought being given to data security? This is an area where many companies need a real culture change, one that starts at the top.


People who persist in thinking of cybersecurity merely as a stumbling block and a cost factor or of departments as silos within their corporate structures will be unable to deal with the challenge of digitalizing their companies. In the digital era, integration and transparency are crucial to the success of protective measures. Particularly for management, transitioning to digital tech involves liability issues whenever something goes wrong with the protection of customer data – the keyword here being the EU General Data Protection Regulation. All of these considerations call for profound cultural change.


Focus on employees

The important things here are not just technical solutions and risk management, but also a culture that can deal with mistakes constructively and vigilance. Because many attacks are no longer parried by the firewall, but target employees directly. And anyone who has to be afraid of getting into serious trouble for clicking a toxic e-mail attachment or disclosing their login data on a phishing page will be unwilling to make such events known. This would be disastrous because the user account would then remain unprotected – and thus jeopardize the entire corporate network. That is why companies should make cybersecurity seminars and awareness programs mandatory for their entire staff.


You don’t have a cybersecurity specialist yet?

Cybersecurity experts are far and few between and come at a premium. Many medium-sized companies cannot afford such expertise, or at least an adequate number of such experts. This is where outsourcing may help. Many companies find using outside consultants for such sensitive matters difficult at first, but often find themselves out of their depth when it comes to warding off highly specialized cyberattacks. Here it may be helpful to select a modular system and to buy modules that can be installed and configured by remote access. The greatest challenge facing a company here is that it must know exactly which data it wants to protect. The management, IT specialists and departments need to agree on an overall concept: what data does the company have and where is it stored? Which subsets of this data are critical for the company’s operations? This is an inventory that needs to be repeated at regular intervals.


Command Control Summit – Cybersecurity for decision-makers

Anyone who would like to learn more about this subject would do well to visit the Command Control Summit in September, the first cybersecurity summit to be held by Messe München. Intended for the top management of large and mid-sized companies, the summit will offer exclusive training formats, instructive showcases and peer-to-peer networking that will enable you to delve deeply into this topic and to derive conclusions for your own company. Top-notch speakers and event partners will be on board for the ride, so stop by for a look at the Command Control website.


EXPO REAL — Turbospeed for digitalization

At EXPO REAL the Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) will bring start-ups and established companies in the real estate sector together to advance the digitalization of the industry. Last year the concept was very popular, and this year there will be a great many more young, upwardly striving companies. For more information, please visit our website and, of course, the EXPO REAL blog.


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