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Country pavilions – 18-year success story at EXPO REAL

International joint stands are important meeting places for contacts from around the world


The country pavilions have been an established feature of EXPO REAL for 18 years and have characterized the fair’s international image significantly. Claudia Boymanns, EXPO REAL project leader, explains: “They are an ideal starting and meeting point for participants from the various countries as well as for companies specifically looking for new markets and that are able and want to travel abroad”.

The success story began with joint stands from international cities and regions. Either our foreign representatives, Messe München partners or EXPO REAL representatives in the various countries are responsible for organization, as “they have the best market know-how and direct access to potential exhibitors”, explains Claudia Boymanns. Polish exhibitors paved the way in 1998.

Over the years, more and more individual exhibitors joined – for example the City of Warsaw – drawing further companies to their stand. “It’s the perfect example. Joint stands are ideal for taking the first steps in a new market – and if things go well, become more independent.” In other cases, exhibitors may prefer to remain part of their country’s joint stand.

Major internationalization driver – from exhibitors such as the fair itself

According to the project leader, “in 1998, the EXPO REAL was still very much in its infancy with only 149 exhibitors and 2,541 participants as opposed to 1,707 exhibitors and 37,857 participants from all over the world last year”. The country pavilions have played an important part in not only this growth but also the increasing internationality of the fair. Over the years, new pavilions continued to be added and often became “fixed institutions”.

These include the Holland Property Plaza and Luxembourg, as well as Romania. France is also always present in the form of the Club France pavilion, showing a wide cross-section of French property companies. Austria is represented by not one but two joint stands: Austria and Europe’s Heart. Long-term partners also include Switzerland with the Swiss Circle and the North America Meeting Point.

The advantages for exhibitors are obvious: Joint presentation is often more cost-effective for individuals; a larger stand inevitably creates more attention and everyone complements each other. Visitors to the fair interested in a particular country have, at the same time, a fixed port of call at which they have the chance to speak to further partners in addition to their direct partner, leading to further new perspectives. In short: country pavilions offer advantages for all.

Further information on a selection of the country pavilions:

Europe’s Heart

Holland Property Plaza

UK & Ireland

Club France


Articles on other country pavilions at EXPO REAL 2016 coming soon!

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