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Marianne Schulze

Freelance journalist

Marianne Schulze is a freelance journalist and editor of “SPH Newsletter.” For almost two decades, she has been covering topics relating to urbanization and the property industry, with a focus on the countries in central and eastern Europe. She also readily gets to grips with wider issues and those of more general interest, not allowing herself to be limited to specific markets, segments, or even subject-matter that is only relevant to the property industry. As a writer, she is sensitive to language and is an avid reader. She enjoys immersing herself in other cultures and broadening her horizons, in geographical terms and beyond. Her two cats and garden balance out her heavily intellectual work, offering her the chance to get out and about in the fresh air.

Artikel von Marianne Schulze

Rumänien ist Europas am schnellsten wachsende Volkswirtschaft. Bild: Calin Stan /
Romania on the Rise
12. March 2018
The “Cities of Tomorrow” conference in Bucharest offered insight into an up-and-coming market: Romania is currently the fastest-growing economy in Europe. And it is by no means only the capital, Bucharest, that is booming.
Stacks of money with chart in the foreground
Of Masterminds and Low Interest Rates: Highlights in the Conference Program
5. September 2017
Everybody will find something interesting in the EXPO REAL conference program. Some highlights.
Why Africa at EXPO REAL?
12. January 2017
Marianne Schulze explores the potential of Africa and its property markets
Preview: The EXPO REAL 2016 conference program
25. July 2016
Each year, the EXPO REAL forums tackle the issues that are getting the industry talking. Discover the themes for 2016 in the latest conference program.
Interview: russian internet retailer Ulmart for the first time at EXPO REAL
15. September 2015
2015 Ulmart present themselves for the first time at EXPO REAL. What makes the company from St. Petersburg special, and why do they come to Munich?
Japan and Germany – two different worlds
2. September 2015
A real estate expert tells us about the differences and stumbling blocks in the relationship between Germans and Japanese.
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