Joaquim Pereira de Almeida

Co-founder of Magazine Imobiliário

Joaquim Pereira de Almeida has been a professional journalist for over 40 years. He was born in Mozambique and studied in Angola, where he worked and lived until 1985. He worked in all area of the media, on newspapers, on radio, on TV and was a war reporter. In Portugal, he has worked for prestigious newspapers, having since 1988 gone on to be very interested in urban matters. Joaquim Pereira de Almeida was one of the founders of “Imobiliária” magazine in 1991, and ever since that time has followed the development of the national and international real estate market, being a veteran on this subject. He currently runs the magazine “Magazine Imobiliário” which he co-founded with some colleagues from the profession in 2013.

Artikel von Joaquim Pereira de Almeida

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12. August 2016
Portugal will be featured with a joint stand again at EXPO REAL 2016: Learn more about the development of the realty sector in Portugal and the role of Lisbon.