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Prof. Dr. Thomas Beyerle

Prof. Dr. Thomas Beyerle

Managing Director of Catella Property Valuation GmbH

Prof. Dr. Thomas Beyerle is the Managing Director of Catella Property Valuation GmbH as well as the Head of Group Research for the Catella group. He is a lecturer at various real estate academies and colleges, sits on the board of the Society of Property Researchers, Germany (gif. e.V.), chairs the Transparency and Benchmarking working group at the German Property Federation (ZIA e.V.) and is a member of the Sustainability Committee of INREV. He has authored numerous articles and textbooks.

Artikel von Prof. Dr. Thomas Beyerle

Young team busy with office work in a modern coworking space
Battle of the asset classes: office vs. residential
29. July 2019
Things aren’t always easy for investors – which segment to invest in when residential takes retail's rank?
Leipzig is one of the most popular B locations in Germany. Photo: travelview /
International Property Investors Eye Germany – It is only the beginning
27. August 2018
Since the financial crisis 10 years ago, Germany has become increasingly popular with international property investors. This is due to its economic stability and polycentrality.
Will high-rise residential buildings soon come to Germany? Photo: Serghei Starus / Shutterstock.
High-Rise Residential Buildings – Somewhere Between Metropolis, Blade Runner and Star Wars
28. May 2018
Anyone who has ever lived in New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo or Hong Kong, very probably, i.e. in nine out of ten cases, lived in a high-rise building. A sign of things to come here in Germany as well? A guest contribution by Thomas Beyerle of Catella Research.
To Hell with the Gardens
18. August 2017
Creative names with local associations for property projects away from inflationary concepts like “Palais” and “Garten” can increase the value of a property.
Floating living room
Future living space: Floating real estate at EXPO REAL?
5. August 2016
Dr Thomas Beyerle speculates on the expansion of real estate to water in times of climate change.
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