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10 Tips for Your Application

Career Tips from the EXPO REAL CareerDay – Part 1


At the EXPO REAL CareerDay students, graduates and young professionals could once again get profound impressions of occupational fields and career possibilities in the real estate sector on the third day of this year’s trade fair. A series of presentations gave insights into recruiting, especially in the property industry. The participants got tips for their application documents, salary negotiations and job interviews. In our three-part blog series we have compiled the most important points for you.

To get your dream job you should present yourself properly to your preferred company. At the EXPO REAL CareerDay Monica Ulmer, General Manager Ulmer Real Estate Recruitment, talked about the perfect application.


1. Do not repeat all the information from your résumé in your cover letter.

Pick out the most relevant points and list them in the cover letter to underpin your motivation.

2. Do not only list your previous experience. Show results and success stories.

Have you had great responsibility in the past? Have you managed and implemented projects autonomously? Have you achieved any special successes for your company? You should list these points with the respective evidence.

3. Always describe your soft skills providing evidence.

You can prove your team spirit by your participation team sports. Corroborate determination with success stories. You can substantiate your values by voluntary commitment. Ideally find up to three verifiable properties which describe you particularly well.

4. Choose an adequate file name for email applications.

To give HR a clearer picture, the following structure is recommended: Your name, company, date and the desired position. This shows even before the file is opened that you thought about what you were doing.

5. Perfect spelling is decisive!

Spelling mistakes may put an early end to your application. Use the 4-eyes principle or go through your application again a day later to avoid any mistakes.

6. Don’t experiment with your résumé.

Stick to the usual standard structure to allow the recipient to find his/her way through easily. Prepare your résumé in reverse chronology, so the HR officer will see your current position first.
The length is also important. A beginner’s résumé should comprise three pages at the most (cover page and two pages of contents). If you have professional experience you may use up to five pages for the contents.

7. Internships are not professional experience!

Many describe their internships during their studies as professional experience. This, however, usually does not start until the first position after university.

8. Restrict your cover letter to the essentials.

Answer the following questions: Where are you now? Which position are you going for? When do you want to start?

9. No company praise as motivation to join.

These standard phrases have been heard by any HR officer hundreds of times. Better show why you fit in with the position and the company.

10. Avoid the usual clichés.

Do without the usual standard endings like “I would be very pleased to be invited for a job interview”. End your cover letter with something brief, juicy and individual.


As you can see, there is a lot to be considered. But with some patience, effort and these tips there should be nothing in the way to your perfect application file.

Find more tips in Parts 2 and 3 of our blog series: “The 10 Most Common Questions about Job Interviews” and “How to Be Successful in Salary Negotiations”.


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