Yield Compression – falling returns, rising purchase prices: Where are we headed?
10. November 2016
Tom Leahy from Real Capital Analytics shares his thoughts on yield compression. The big question is: Where are we headed?
DISCUSSION & NETWORKING FORUM 2016: Artificial hype or a sustainable form of financing? Crowd investing in the real estate industry
9. November 2016
Going digital: A new way to do business? – Crowd investing in real estate is becoming more and more attractive. Given the current low-interes...
SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM 2016: Healthcare Property as Investment Product
8. November 2016
Care Real Estate Market Germany – Thanks to the aging population, care facility properties are becoming increasingly topical. What needs to b...
PLANNING & PARTNERSHIPS FORUM 2016: Collaborating Cities 2
7. November 2016
Cities and Urban Development Seminars – European cities have many of the attributes needed to succeed in the new global economy. But many Eur...
SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM 2016: City Logistics – The Future of Urban Logistics
4. November 2016
Let´s talk logistics – With urban logistics evolving at a rapid pace, we need solutions to problems such as the lack of suitable locations. ...
Short supply stirs up the market
3. November 2016
Prof. Alexander von Erdély discusses the short supply in the commercial property market and how the sector can be roused into a new age.
INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM 2016: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic
2. November 2016
Berlin’s Tegel airport shuts down once BER opens. The state of Berlin commissioned Tegel Projekt GmbH with developing and realizing The Urban Tech Republic: a...
PLANNING & PARTNERSHIPS FORUM 2016: Mega-City Development
28. October 2016
Rapid population growth is the primary challenge facing the largest cities in the world. In Europe the four largest cities; London, Paris, Istanbul, and Moscow ...
EXPO REAL FORUM 2016: Challenges for Housing: Answers from the Property Sector
27. October 2016
New people in Germany: Immigration and building – Immigration is posing very specific challenges, including the need to produce much more liv...
PLANNING & PARTNERSHIPS FORUM 2016: Waterfronts and Urban Development
26. October 2016
Waterfronts cities have a special challenge and opportunity. The waterfront provides the scale and space for a wunderful location for new functions and activiti...
SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM 2016: The Significance of Logistics Real Estate in Comparison to Other Types
25. October 2016
Whether you look at construction activities or the volume of investments, there is no denying that demand for logistics property remains high. What are the chal...
PLANNING & PARTNERSHIPS FORUM 2016: Science, Real Estate and Innovation Economy
24. October 2016
One of Europe´s key strenght is it Science. Medicine, Technology and Engineering expertise. But too often the inventions and skills developed in Europe has nee...