Logistics properties fly from record to record
17. February 2017
Logistics properties continue to be one of the most popular asset classes with investors, and this is not forecast to change in 2017.
Why Africa at EXPO REAL?
12. January 2017
Marianne Schulze explores the potential of Africa and its property markets
Responsible property investment— an interview with Christian Stupka
2. December 2016
Conversation with Christian Stupka, expert in cooperatives and demand-based housing construction.
Responsible property investment: No sustainable returns without social considerations
30. November 2016
Enver Büyükarslan of Berlin's EB GROUP discusses dealing with demographic challenges in property investment
Go East to meet a region that’s outperforming others
17. November 2016
Katarzyna Zawodna, President at Skanska Commercial Development Europe, about economic chances in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
Yield Compression – falling returns, rising purchase prices: Where are we headed?
10. November 2016
Tom Leahy from Real Capital Analytics shares his thoughts on yield compression. The big question is: Where are we headed?
SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM 2016: Healthcare Property as Investment Product
8. November 2016
Care Real Estate Market Germany – Thanks to the aging population, care facility properties are becoming increasingly topical. What needs to b...
SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM 2016: The Significance of Logistics Real Estate in Comparison to Other Types
25. October 2016
Whether you look at construction activities or the volume of investments, there is no denying that demand for logistics property remains high. What are the chal...
SPECIAL REAL ESTATE FORUM 2106: The Care Branch’s Long Term Growth?
21. October 2016
How can demands for increased investment be profitable and what do future business models in the care industry look like? Experts discuss these and other releva...
18. October 2016
Care property is becoming a more and more lucrative asset class. Jan Linsin from CBRE presented the CBRE immoTISS Care Report 2016 this year and joined the disc...